The Mission

What if we had a platform focused on our local collective impact?

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Do you want to see San Diego come together for the good of everyone? So do we!
Help us petition the San Diego County Supervisors to bring the community together.
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Our Goals



Establish forums for the community to engage challenges like refugees, homeless, human rights, etc. These are physical meeting places where people can connect.



For each city to have a department dedicated to civic engagement. This would allow for each city to engage local businesses, non-profits, faith- based, and government programs.



To build a local social network that allows for our community to coordinate with each other by promoting events, campaigns, and community initiatives.


Community Service Week

April 20-26, 2020

iHeartSD has an annual Community Service Week where we encourage the entire community to show their love for San Diego. They can engage in community initiatives in their local city through the ForaCity platform. This campaign is possible when we unlock all 18 cities in San Diego County.
Together we can work towards serving the city for the good of everyone.

This Is Our City

We have seen the power of shared economy platforms like Airbnb & Uber. Not one organization at the center coordinating everyone around them but a platform where people, businesses, non-profits, and government leaders could connect around community initiatives. This is more than solving challenges like hunger or homelessness. This is about developing our values as a local community for lasting impact.

This is our dream and we would like you to pioneer this dream with us as we work to build a platform for the good of everyone.

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