Community Service Week

April 20-26, 2020

iHeartSD has an annual Community Service Week where we encourage the entire community to show their love for San Diego. They can engage in community initiatives in their local city through the ForaCity platform. This campaign is possible when we unlock all 18 cities in San Diego County.
Together we can work towards serving the city for the good of everyone.

Promote iHeart SD to a

Ambassador Circle

- Register your school, business, organization

- Engage the community

- Post banners

Invite Your Friend!!

Invite a Person

  • Emails of folks for us to send an invitation to. One email per line.
  • Greetings! {Your Name} would like to invite you to join iHeartSD, an exciting initiative that brings together people, businesses, non-profits, and government entities within San Diego County to meet the needs of the city. {Your Name} invites you to support {City Link}

    iHeartSD from Joel Ressel on Vimeo.